Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee

What’s up everybody? Welcome to another fashion blog. This time we’re talking cars & coffee. Styled in one of my favorite all purpose outfits, we set off to Project coffee not sure what to expect. 

After grabbing our gear from the Jeep and lacing up my boots, we walked to the front of a discrete building in the heart of downtown Sarasota FL. Located on S Pineapple AVE. and Selby LN. Project coffee is perfectly situated just outside of the bustle of main street, but close enough to the action to walk anywhere else you’d need to on a typical brunch and coffee quest.

Once in side, Logan and I were both pleasantly surprised. Aesthetically it’s gorgeous. Open lofty ceilings with exposed beams, and vents set the visual tone. Well maintained and for a lack of better terms “trendy” espresso machines and coffee makers complete with stacks of pure white mugs line the counter just next to the Ipad used for checkout.

The owners greeted us with a smile from behind the counter. A younger couple dressed in stylish clothing, it was refreshing to see a small business owned by such a lovely couple with a grip on what’s “in”. After ordering a Black Iced coffee to go, and having a few laughs we started shooting around the cafe.

Soaking in my surroundings I sat down to collect my thoughts, and enjoy my coffee (which was amazing by the way). While this entire cafe reminds me of LA and the feeling of being around young artsy people, you’re still very aware you’re not in Hollywood. No paper straws are present, the pace of life around you is more relaxed, and in general there is a much more “island time” vibe encompassing the area. 

I caught a glimpse of a 488 GTB which for those of you that aren’t “Petrol heads” is a Ferrari. Me being the car guy I am and having driven one before, said “we should go try to get a few great shots of the car”.

Logan humoured me, and shot a few frames of the car, and I with my now half empty iced coffee. I’ve been known to go on long winded rants about my passions ( NOOO REALLY?!?!). so I’ll try to keep this brief. Here is a short run down of the 488 GTB specs, and stats. Available in both hard top, and spyder variations (a fancy way to say the roof comes off… If you want it to that is). You can get your hands on one for around $290,000-$400,000. A cool 661 horsepower comes from a twin turbo V8. The horses run through a 7 speed F1 gearbox. That all sounds super cool (if you’re into that kinda thing) but how fast is it? All out the 488 GTB will hit 60 MPH from a stand still in 3.1 seconds, and continue climbing to 125 MPH in 8.3 seconds, ultimately flying past the quarter mile mark after just 10.45 seconds. Any way on to the clothes.

These moto inspired skinny jeans come courtesy of Zara. Stretchy and lightweight they are a solid summertime denim goto. Knee “patch” style accents and small faux leather details around the back of the waistline give them their biker style. Paired with these modern combat boots from Aldo they complete the “I just got off my motorcycle” mood. The canvas siding on the ankle of these boots sets them apart from your standard issue combat boots, and add understated modern sophistication to an otherwise old school style.

A classic fit white tee shirt from H&M keeps it simple and timeless. You could dress this look up for a night out with with a great leather jacket, or even a denim or corduroy trucker jacket. However with mid summer temps in Florida reaching just past the lower 90’s I opted for a light weight flannel. River Island nailed it with this shirt, its light but doesn’t sacrifice material quality. It’s standout with its pattern, while being subtle with its color choice. Light red tones cross with cool deep greys to give this shirt an interesting lighter take on a fall and winter classic style. 

A quick change out of the back of the jeep and we’re off to our next adventure. Hopefully you enjoyed this outfit, car, foodie medley blog. For all things Me keep it locked here on and be sure to subscribe to our email notifications list so you never miss an update. If you want more of us head over to and subscribe there for all the videos you can handle. In the meantime, you can keep up with me daily over on instagram, snapchat, facebook, and twitter. 

Until next time, stay sexy, eat well, dress well, and don’t forget to smile.


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  1. Dee
    August 14, 2019 / 10:46 pm

    TK did it again. Now that you’ve turned me onto a new coffee shop in town( so many coffee shops so little time) I will have to visit this shop. I doubt I’ll get lucky enough to find the Ferrari again but in this town you’d be surprised how many sick cars there are. Keep up the good work!

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