Christmas Tree & Decor on a Budget

Christmas Tree & Decor on a Budget

Christmas on a Budget! Hey guys! With buying our first house last month
money has been a big factor in home decor especially when it comes to “fun items” like holiday decor. Our main focus is getting the essentials bought and decorated so the Holidays are not first on our list. However the holiday lover in me really wanted just a little bit of Christmas cheer even if it wasn’t going to be anything extraordinary! I decided to set aside a little bit of money for just an artificial tree (which can be super expensive) and some ornaments for it of course! So with my budget of 150 dollars here is how I did it and all from Target!

Goal: Stay under $150
Where? Target
What? Christmas Tree & Decor
Tree Shopping List:
1. 6ft Faux Tree (Prelit)
2. Tree Skirt
3. Tree Topper
4. Basic Ornaments
5. Ornament Hooks
6. Garland
7. String Lights
So I started by searching through all the holiday sales through most major websites and I finally decided that Target was the best option. They had a large selection of artificial Christmas trees and a ton of sales!
Next up was bugging Thomas to help me decide on what color scheme to go with. Finally we decided on champagne and blush, and next year we will change up the ornament color if we want to spruce it up. ( no pun intended lol )
With that all decided on I built out a cart with just the basics. A tree, a tree skirt, star topper, simple ornaments. ( I’m going to DIY some cute personal ones, stay tuned for that )
Here was my total shopping receipt :

6ft Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree Alberta Spruce Clear Lights – Wondershop™


24ct 40mm Ornament Set Champagne – Wondershop™


15ft Tinsel Garland White – Wondershop™


Philips 200ct Christmas Incandescent Heavy Duty Smooth Mini String Lights Clear GW


50ct Ornament Set 70mm Blush/Champagne – Wondershop™


13” Backlit Star Tree Topper White – Wondershop™


34″ Wool & Linen Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt Red – Wondershop™


200ct Ornament Hooks, Silver – Wondershop™




Plus 15% off (they had a sale)


Shop all these items now!
8ct Ornament Set White
6ft Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree
24ct Champagne Ornament Set
15ft White Tinsel Garland
200ct Christmas Lights
50ct Blush & Champagne Ornaments
13″ Backlit Star Tree Topper
Wool & Linen Reversible Tree Skirt
200ct Ornament Hooks


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