DIY Stencils!

DIY Stencils!

This may be my easiest DIY yet! Thomas told me he really wanted to take a logo he had mad and put it on a t-shirt! He came up with the idea of creating a stencil with paper or card-stock and after pitching that idea to me, I let him know that long term or multi-use the paper would not last! I proposed we get some blank stencils sheets and trace out his logos on the plastic sheets to use as stencils!

Here is our video on how to DIY your own stencils at home! All the products are listed down below! Enjoy

So we went to our local craft store and these are the few items that we purchased for this easy DIY!

All under $30 dollars! Some blank stencil sheets, a hot stencil cutting tool, fabric paint, sponges, and a plain shirt!

I started by printing out the logo I wanted to cut into a stencil, then I taped the logo to the back of the stencil page, and then I began to trace/cut it out! Pretty simple! and then you have a beautiful reusable stencil! Dab paint onto the shirt over the stencil and then remove the stencil and there you go! Your awesome design on your shirt, jacket or any item you want to use!

This DIY was so much fun and rather simple! I hope you enjoyed and if you try this DIY at home please make sure to tag us! We love to see your work! #TheKealFamilyDIYs


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