I Had to Have Hernia Surgery

I Had to Have Hernia Surgery

Hey everyone!

I don’t usually type out in depth, personal, blogs like this. However I feel like this video needs some sort of back story. So long story short, I have had a hernia since I was 16 years old. It was something that when it happened, scared the shit out of me. I thought everything I dreamed of, (at that time a career in bodybuilding and fitness modeling) was going to be torn away from me. I felt helpless and out of control, like a prisoner in my own body. But over time I learned to work around it, and through the pain that came along with it. I not only lived with it, but I thrived. In fact 99% of all my accomplishments in fitness, business, and life happened while living with a hernia. For ten years I lived with a hole in my abdominal wall. I flew around the worlds, walked on runways, shot campaigns, and built a brand on social media. All the while pushing my insides back into myself through this hole in my abs. So when it got worse late 2018, I knew it was time to face the music. I had been unable to find any one I felt was doing the same kind of physical activity as me, who had undergone a successful surgery and documented it. After years of research, I knew I had located the best surgeon for my specific needs. So we made the call, booked the flights, grabbed the camera, and flew out to Ohio. The rest is history. Watch all the emotional, physical, and mental turmoil that came along with the entire experience in the docu vlog. From four days pre op- one month post op. I hope you enjoy the video. But more importantly, I hope any one who has a hernia and is as scared as I was finds comfort in my story. This entire process was tough but I wanted to show the good and bad, and everything in between. Even at 36 mins long this video feels like a clif notes version of what really went down. If you guys want more info on the surgery, surgeon, of myself follow me on IG @thomas_keal .

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