DIY Mirror Ceiling

DIY Mirror Ceiling

Anyone who has ever gone hunting for the perfect mirror for their bedroom or simply just strategic home decor knows how truly expensive what seems like a simple reflective piece of glass can be. The bigger the mirror the higher the price and it almost seems ridiculous to spend so much on something so normal. One of the best thing about a well placed mirror is it gives the illusion that the space is bigger the it really is! Thomas and I are always looking for cool mirrors and home decor. When we shop and we tend to find really cool and affordable things at TJ Maxx and IKEA. TJ Maxx is fun because you never know what you will find, however its not always a goldmine so we tend to end up at IKEA when we have a project we are set on completing. Here is a step by step of our latest DIY project for our cozy Hollywood apartment!

Step 1: Buy mirrors , we got ours from IKEA

They come in a 4 pack and they are 12″ x 12″ squares


Step 2: Gather supplies: Pencil, Level, and Double Sided Tape

Step 3: lightly mark where each mirror will go using a pencil

Step 4: Stick each square into place pushing hard to make sure it is secure

Step 5: Clean finger prints off of the mirrors and enjoy your new decor

Overview: It took us about an hour in total to put up the mirrors above our bed and about 20 minutes to do the hallway wall! My job was to place the double sided tape on the back of each mirror and then Thomas would put it up. Overall this was a quick and easy project and we didn’t want to spend over $100 so with 11 boxes total at $6.99 each we were able to do both areas for around $80! We are very happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to see you guys try this project at home! If you do make sure to tag us at #TheKealFamily on all social media!


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