My Monday Routine

My Monday Routine

“Mondays are the worst” seems to be everyones mood every week. Here’s how I spend my Mondays so that they are productive and all around good vibes! Well for starters its one of my only days off, which means it’s my day to play catch up. I start by waking up when ever my body decides its time, and I watch YouTube videos that I have missed throughout the work week. After about an hour I get out of bed do my little morning routine, let the dog out and feed him and then it begins. I clean…A LOT! I start by dragging out the laundry basket and I start a load of laundry as I begin vacuuming. I have cleaning down to a little system. I do one room at a time starting with the bedrooms, bathrooms and finish in the living room and kitchen! Every other week is a more intense clean, here is a light week versus an intense cleaning week:

Light Cleaning:

Wash sheets

Vacuum the floors

Dust furniture

Wipe down counters

Empty trash cans

Febreeze the rugs

Tidy up random collections that have accumulated over the week

Refluff the down couch


Intense Cleaning:

Everything listed above plus…

Wash all the bedding

Bleach clean toilet bowls

Scrub the rest of the toilet

Spray and Clean Showers

Clean all the mirrors

Swiffer the entire house

Vacuum the couch and re-fluff it

Deep clean stove top (it gets wiped down after every use)

Do all the laundry (clothes wise)

Doing a light clean takes me about an hour minus waiting for the items I washed to fully cycle through the dryer, and an intense week takes me about three start to finish, that is without any distractions. When Thomas comes home early from work however it does take me longer to get through it all. And depending on how much I neglect doing laundry through out the week I definitely have Mondays where I do 3-4 loads of laundry on top of just washing our sheets or bedding. I try and maintain a fairly clean house over all though and its rare the place is a complete mess on Monday…but it does happen. Also having a dog who sheds excessively adds to the maintainability of a spotless home. Typically by Monday morning I cannot wait to vacuum up little hairballs 🙂 (I say sarcastically).

Cleaning our home vs our old small apartment isn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be. My Sunday night routine is always to make a list of get dones so I am ready on monday and don’t have to think twice! As well as cleaning and laundry I also try and get done as much as I can on our Blog as well as work on brand and social media collabs. I obviously work on these during the week as well but I like to set goals for my days off so I can make the most of them plus its a great way to start the week!




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