Oceanside Food Adventures…

foodie banner.jpgSo I grew up spending weekends and summers in my families beach house in Oceanside, CA. And from the beginning of our relationship, Thomas and I have always loved

IMG_8082.jpg escaping the city and getting away to the quiet beach down South. Over the last couple years we have fallen in love with some amazing restaurants! Here are a few of our favorites and our go to orders! Also TK put together an amazing video of us eating and exploring! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and our blog for tons of new posts coming soon!

urge banner.jpg  calamari.jpgcheesecurds.jpg


mikkobanner.jpgedamame.jpgveggie rolls.jpgroll1.jpgroll4.jpgroll3.jpgroll5.jpg


lj bowl.jpgtj bowl.jpg










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