The start to our love story was far from normal. I came across a silly picture on Instagram of a guys profile in a denim jacket and nothing else on…captioned “happy humpday”. Thinking it was funny and rather cheeky 😉 I did what anyone else would do, I double tapped the photo, and left a ‘like’ along with thousands of other people, and I continued to browse Insta. Within a few minutes this guy liked a couple of my pictures and responded to a caption on one of my photos that said “tell me pretty lies” (lyrics from a blackbear song) his comment was “any time”, after liking a few of his pictures back on his profile I received a DM from Thomas Keal. Being the skeptic I am about people online and catfish now a days, after quite a few messages had been exchanged he sent his number and I sent mine and of course I suggested we FaceTime. Five hours later I was forced to end the call not because I wanted to stop talking but I had to go to work. Yes five hours!!! I was captivated by this beautiful funny human and little did I know then that this would be the first FaceTime call of many!

From an Instagram like to a FaceTime to living together?!? Yeah I know it sounds insane. Thomas and I talked everyday for a month and change, until late December. I had flights booked home to LA for Christmas (he also happened to be living in LA) so after a 6 hour flight I dropped off my bags at my Moms house and I headed into town to finally meet this handsome devil in person. Now I’d be lying if I said I thought this was gonna be more then a fling at the time but the next fifteen plus hours that followed of us lying around his apartment talking, laughing, and listening to music changed everything. We fell asleep cuddling on his bed and the next morning we woke up and he came home with me to my moms house for Christmas Eve dinner (I know real casual lol). After driving him back home after dinner he brushed his thumb against my face and pulled me in and kissed me for the first time. I vividly remember driving home no music, windows down and butterflies exploding out of me. Something was so different about him, and everything that seemed to cause waves in previous relationships didn’t bother him at all. Everything felt too perfect, and the week to follow we hung out a couple times before I flew back to Hawaii…to pack my things!

Christmas Eve Together 2016

Now you’re probably thinking “wow that was fast…you’re moving back for him?”. No I didn’t move back for him, my dad was having health problems and I decided I needed to come back home. While I was thousands of miles away packing he was in LA packing up his apartment. Thomas was moving back to Florida and he was planning to road trip all his stuff back in his car with his mom. He jokingly mentioned that I should join them on this adventure, but I didn’t think it was a serious offer. So when I flew home that weekend with all my stuff from Hawaii he asked me if that Friday I was coming with them…so there I was Thursday night helping pack up the last of his things from his place with him and his mother and my small bag packed for a road trip I never thought I’d actually take.

A couple days later we arrived in Florida, (I did the bulk of the driving) and I had no idea what to expect. I was falling in love with this man, and I stupidly just helped him move across the country from me. After spending a couple of weeks in Florida we sat down to figure out what to do. Discussing options was hard, we both knew we wanted to be together and give things a try, and we both agreed long distance was not an option we wanted to entertain. So there we were, scared, unsure, but confident in each other, and we chose to fly back to LA together. Just a suitcase and each other in hand and after living in LA together for two years in our cute little apartment we’ve decided to move to his hometown of Sarasota FL, where we now own our first home! Everyday is a new adventure and we are loving every second of it. We have become best friends, and partners and as long as we are together we are happy, everyday isn’t always easy but it is worth it. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this happy and been so excited for my future before. Thomas is such an amazing guy and constantly makes my laugh and keeps a smile on my face. I am really lucky to have him by my side and I am so grateful we have decided to jump in feet first because I know without a doubt we made the right choice committing to us, and our futures.

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