Outfit Of The Day #4

Outfit Of The Day  #4

Welcome back to another Outfit of the day blog post. In this Ootd, I’ll show you one of my favorite happy hour, around town, run and gun styles. Perfect for grabbing a cold one with the boys, while looking dapper enough to snag one of the ladies while you’re there. Dressy yet subtle, it’s a prime example of a low effort style that looks light years better than a tee shirt and jeans. As usual I’ve done my very best to gather all the links to each Item and attach them below, so you can find and buy them 👍🏼. If you’re curious about these or any other pieces you’ve seen me in check the other Ootd blog posts, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to send the info your way or do a post on them 🤷🏼‍


This is one of those buys I made at a nordstrom years ago, that’s gotten a ton of milage. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for the black colorway of this top. You could substitute this pattern for any simplistic print that isn’t too busy though, and replicate this look. A slim fit, paired with rolled sleeves gives this top that right off the plane from the uk feel. The key to pieces like this one are the supporting details, subtle elements in the rest of the outfit that give a sophistication to an otherwise simple piece.

Case and point, these intensely cool brogues from aldo. Dressier than sneakers, but more casual than oxfords because of the wingtip. They take this look from a street style kid, to a cheeky sophisticated gent. With black being an easier more common “go to” color to match a black top like this, brown shows the ability to coordinate not just match. Which is a much more impressive feat, and makes the over all look more put together. The brown pulls from the accent tag on the denim, and with its warm dark tones doesn’t clash with the black top, or cool grey jeans. It’s details like this that really take your style to another level.

Sadly zara no longer offers this color way for their zmdc jeans. Zara does however still carry their 1975 collection within their zmdc. Which offers a wide array of grey tone washes at a similar price. And if you have richer blood, all saints makes an insanely cool cigarette leg cut pair of denim in an almost identical color, but higher quality (I legit bought them a week after shooting three looks in these). The point is cool grey denim is a great option that’s often overlooked and you need a pair in your wardrobe.

Once again These shades are one of my all time favorites. Kinsrow frames in this“Matte Havana” color way with ebony wood inlay are simply exquisite. I’ve never seen a pair of sunglasses with a more unique character, these may shade your sight but cast a spotlight on your accessory game. (Warning girls are going to ask about them so have a follow up conversation ready)


A little dated now the hero 5 black was the first gopro not to need a “skeleton” to be submerged. I haven’t upgraded this aspect of my gear due to how little I actually film on my gopro. But unless you have mucho dinero for a water proof rig on your dslr or mirrorless cam, this is the easiest solution to capture great image quality with little to no worry or effort. And there for fits the “ease of use vs quality” formula a lot of run and gun cinematographers and photogs live by.

Now you can’t just dress yourself up you have to dress up your basic bitch passport also. And you don’t need to spend 1000 dollars on an lv carry case to upgrade your passport game. This 20 dollar buy from amazon has served both Logan and I well.

So as I’ve said before, and if you read the blog you already know I’m Obsessed, O B S S S E D with smells. Good cologne is simply a must you need at least a “signature scent” people associate with you, then you can begin to add in occasional colognes for events and seasons. If you don’t have one Sephora is a great place to start. I have had hundreds of colognes (currently 20) and pride myself in being able to identify fragrance notes with in colognes a bit of a connoisseur I’m for sure that guy in Sephora smelling every single thing three times. My girlfriend Logan does not have what you’d call a complex taste for fragrances? She has a similarly sensitive nasal palate, however if A scent is to busy or has to many notes going off at once she is not into it, no matter how sophisticated the layering is. So finding scents she likes that also suit me is a challenge. When I discovered “commodity” I was stoked needless to say. This brand is beyond cool, they describe themselves as “Essentials for the senses” and I can’t do any better than that honestly. Every single scent is crafted by an Artisan master perfumer and You can find the description, who crafted the smell, and the “inspiration” behind every scent on their site here https://us.commodity.co.uk/

But for now let’s talk this particular scent “wool” and I’ll ad-lib and translate as we go.

A woody (manly) scent that exudes warmth (spice) like your favorite cashmere sweater, it provides soft (subtle) sensual textures (the scent has depth) and rests on the skin settling in with rich (lasting and the most identifiable) notes of rich amber, earthy vetiver, and sweet bourbon vanilla (nose sex). crafted by Donna Ramanauskas and inspired by “the comforts of home on a cold winter’s night snuggled beside a crackling fire wrapped in the soothing softness of the most precious handcrafted material of a silky wool blanket -The feeling radiates a completely comforting mood – both warm and sensual with a luxurious touch”
TOP NOTES Recognized immediately upon application of the cologne

Mandarin, Grapefruit, Apple

MID NOTES These “Heart notes” appear once the top notes evaporate

Basil, Fresh Ozone, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Armoise

BASE NOTES Final fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated

Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Gray Musk, Bourbon Vanilla

In summary this cologne is unisex but more masculine, sexy subtle and complex, it’s for the modern man( or woman) , and is perfect for colder seasons.

Shop my outfit below!

go pro
Brown Broges
White Top Man Button Up

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