Outfit of the Day #5

Outfit of the Day #5

Welcome back, In today’s outfit of the day I wanted to show you how to keep its simple, classic, and casual. It doesn’t get more timeless, and classic than jeans, a white tee, and some sneakers. This is a perfect throw and go outfit for most occasions. Whether you’re running out to get your girl ice cream, or grabbing a cold one with the boys, this outfits got you covered. I’ve compiled all the links to each item and attached them below, so that now you have the chance to discover exactly where I got them from.

Take a look at this Outfit both on and off above. Please comment below, Let me know what Kind of outfits you’d like to see in future Ootd blog posts, or if there are any specific occasions you’d like me to build outfits for.

When it comes to tee shirts, there’s really only a few things you need to consider. One, the fit; Is it too lose? Too tight ? How does it fit your body? Two, quality; Is it made out of an old man’s beard shavings? Is it’s made from clouds and mashed potatoes? And three, price; Do you need to sell a kidney before check out ? Can you buy it with what’s in your car’s cup holder? This basic slim fit Tee from zara checks all three boxes. Made with 96% cotton, and 4% elastane, it’s soft to the touch while remaining durable. The fit is perfect on my frame, slim but not cut off the circulation to your arms tight. And at $9.99 currently its hard to find fault even if it only lasts a few months.

Unfortunately zara currently doesn’t carry this wash any longer. However there are several similar substitutions, like the all saints pair of denim I discussed in my christmas gift guide video.

Sneakers are a dime a dozen these days, everybody and their brother is trying way to hard. From $1200 “foot socks” to deconstructed hobo shoes, the truth is classics are classics for a reason. Every once in a while you strike design gold; The Porsche 911, Rayban wayfarers, and *drum roll* chuck taylors. What they lack in price and hobo aesthetic, They make up in simplicity and a classic timeless silhouette. Go white for day time and summer sun vibes, go black for a night out or cocktails, go with Mercury grey suede to stand apart from the crowd and show a little shoe snobbery.

I may be a tad late to this party but damn will my hair look great *wink emoji*

What party you ask? The on byrd has been having. I recently found this brand at target while buying shaving cream. This surf texturizing spray reminds me of bumble and bumble with a bomb scent and super accessible price point dare I say this is a better choice? Couple sprays later and you have an effortless “day at the beach” vibe going on atop your head. Making this a prime choice for guys looking for an easy “composed hot mess” style. Did I mention this shit smells fuego?

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  1. Diane
    January 17, 2019 / 12:00 am

    Nailed it again brother! Who doesn’t love timeless classic? Can’t wait to see more !

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