Ris-K Swimwear Review & Try On Haul!

Ris-K Swimwear Review & Try On Haul!

Ris-k [pronounced risqué] is the cutest newest and hottest swimwear line! They are based in LA my hometown, and their whole brand is “looking to make a big impression under the sun with revealing cuts and seductive silhouettes”. And girls they do!!! I am going to walk you through a ton of their new and soon to be released bikinis for the Spring 2019 Collection as well as some of their cheeky bikinis available now! 100% honest reviews for real, because shopping for bikinis is so stressful online especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit!

Okay so before we get into this, here are a few things to note: Ris-K makes every style in multiple colors so I will be reviewing every bikini style but I won’t talk about the same bottoms three times if its just a different color! Also here is a quick overview of my measurements and size for reference if you’re looking to shop their Bikinis! I am 5’5, 100-108 lbs, Size Small or Extra Small shirt, Size 0-2 Jeans or 24-25 pants, and 32C Bra or Size Small Bralette.

Allure Bikini Top – Shimmer Cloud – XS

The Allure top is the perfect cut with adjustable straps so if you need or want more support or your girls need a little lift it is perfect for you!

Anecdote Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Cloud – S

The Anecdote is my go-to high hip thong bikini. It is a super cheeky thong style bottom or ‘Brazilian bottom’ style and I absolutely love the fit. It has just enough coverage over your V zone where you don’t feel uncomfortable or exposed and you will still have minimal tan lines!

Quest Bikini Top – Shimmer Fire – XS

Okay the Quest top is part of the Spring 2019 collection (not out yet) and I am obsessed. This is the perfect shimmery red color triangle top with a strapless style corset built into it! It is so unique and unlike anything I have ever worn it is definitely a trend setter for spring!!!

Ritual Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Fire – S

Ritual bottoms…omg finding side tie bottoms that are high hip is impossible. they are either super full coverage and not cheeky at all and then not very flattering in front or way too tiny for me to leave the house in and these bottoms are the perfect combo! Very cheeky but still secure and covered, with the perfect about of tie on the side. I hate when the strings to tie are wayyyy to long or so short that you have a funny looking bow on your hip! These are all around perfect!

Discover Bikini Top – Shimmer Marina – XS

The Discover top was a style I was extremely unsure about…my thoughts were “I don’t have the fake boobs I’d need for this” or “I’m going to look like a hot mess falling out of it”…and boy was I wrong! This top is worth the potentially awkward tan lines by far! It is so cute, comfortable, and secure!!! And I absolutely love this shimmery royal blue, I am already going to order this top in a couple more colors because I am in love with this style!

Ritual Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Marina – S

Allure Top – Shimmer Moss – XS & Ritual Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Moss – S

All there is to say is YASSSSS this color is everything! I am obsessed with army/moss greens and this is literally the most beautiful color shimmer fabric!!!

Sol One-Piece Swimsuit – Shimmer Jet – XS

I will just go on record saying I have not owned a one piece bikini since I was forced to wear them for swim team practice, and even as a little kid I only wore two piece bikinis because I did not like one-pieces. Finding one that fits my small frame is near impossible and I have never found one that I thought was cute. Until now lol! This Sol one-piece is so cute, its cheeky and snug and the tie around is so unique and adorable! I love the cut of the suit and how it shows off some side-boob and the high hip. This shimmery jet black is amazing and glistens in the sunlight!

Fate One Piece – Shimmer Nude –  XS

I know shocker another one piece!!! AND its long sleeve!!! The Fate one-piece is so cute and comfortable and I am so excited to go surfing in this one! Having my stomach and arms covered when I surf is a must to prevent rashing from salt water and sand, and usually swimwear that covers your arms is not cute! I love that the cut on think is not overly cheeky and fits perfectly so it won’t slide off my shoulders! Also this Nudey color is everything especially with a tan! Its a very modern way to cover up a bit from the sun and still look sexy if you aren’t trying to surf!

Swell Bikini Top – Clay Ribbed – XS

I am not a fan of awkward tan lines and long strapless tops, however finding one that doesn’t have to constantly be pulled up and adjusted is impossible. The Swell top is amazing, its tight and thicker fabric stays in place and is so cute and comfortable! Also this Clay color is everything!!! Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better strapless top!

Idyllic Bikini Bottom – Clay Ribbed – S

Idyllic bottoms are super cute and can be worn high hip like I am wearing them or can be worn lower like a more traditional bikini bottom. The sides are super slim lines and super comfortable surprisingly! I was expecting them to cut into me like most do and be unflattering and they fit amazing! I think these are the perfect minimal bottoms and they are a lot less cheeky then others making them just a little more family friendly!

Frolic Bikini Top – Shimmer Cloud – XS

The Frolic top is so freaking cute, I am obsessed with the wrap around body cross tie! This style is so flattering and classic, and you can tie it in front like I did or behind your back. The top is secure and makes your girls look great, I definitely want to order a couple more in other colors! This top can even be worn out with shorts and a shall!

Horizon Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Cloud – S

Okay so the Horizon bottoms are super retro, that exaggerated high hip cut gives even someone with shorter legs like me the illusion of longer legs revealing a longer leg line! Got to love that! They are super cheeky but full coverage in the front, so all in all the perfect retro bottom!

Anecdote Bikini Bottom – Shimmer Jet – S

Allure Bikini Top – Shimmer Jet – S

Yacht Bikini Top – Cloud Ribbed – S

This triangle top is ideal! The Yacht top fits perfectly and is so comfortable and flattering. Unlike most tops clasp in the back with fixed shoulder straps this one doesn’t ride up my back and sits perfectly and so comfortably! I love the ribbed fabric and the cloud white color! It makes me look tanner than I am which is a huge plus for me!!!

Idyllic Bikini Bottom – Cloud Ribbed – S

Paradise One-Piece Swim suit – Clay Ribbed – S

Okay this Paradise one-piece is wild! Super deep v and very cheeky, I wish I would have gotten an extra small honestly because I do have a smaller chest! But besides that I love the fit the fabric and the color! This one-piece is unlike anything I have seen before with a fully open back with crossing straps its beyond sexy!

Overall I am in love with Ris-K, they are not only the cutest colors but the quality and over all feel of the fabrics are so luxurious and soft. And on top of all of that they fit the way you want your bikinis to fit, super secure and also comfortable! I have the hardest time finding bathing suits that not only fit perfectly but also are comfortable to wear, and don’t get me wrong I will buy a bikini that’s cute but not my favorite thing to wear all day…but these are so comfy I won’t be rushing to get out of them! the cherry on top and most important thing to note is they are super affordable!!!!! So say goodbye to spending 100+ dollars on just a bikini top alone because their bikinis are priced so well its a no brainer whether or not to buy them! Some swimwear companies are so darn expensive, I always find myself seeing something cute on instagram and then when I pull up the website I am shocked by how pricey such a tiny piece of fabric is, Ris-K is so affordable you’ll find yourself buying a few suits for the price of one top from other companies!!! I can’t say enough great things about this brand, please check out their website linked down below and make sure to tag them in any cute post on your socials for a chance to be featured on their pages!!!


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