Sex Talk

Sex Talk

Sex, the topic no one can resist. I recently ran a pole on instagram asking for my followers to vote on various topics. Nothing got higher votes across all demographics than “sex advice”.

So here we are, at the end of the hall standing at the bedroom door. Before we walk in I want to reiterate that all you’re about to read is purley opinion, comes from my personal experience, beliefs, and  a lot, A LOT of practice. Jokes aside this really is intended to be a fun blog to give some insight into my point of view, and to give tips (just the tip) so don’t feel like you have to live by, implement, any of the following.

Now let’s get into the tips 


Immediately I want to address the mind set I have, and recomned more people have on sex. Regardless of preference or gender sex is primal, fun, very physchological, and an art in a way. Don’t expect it to be any one particular thing. Every Sexual experience is unique. Just because you can paint a picasso for one partner, doesn’t mean that same brush stroke creates such a beautiful painting for an other. It’s not always a sexy, hot, bubbly, cute, or “perfect” thing. Simply put, bodies make weird sounds, people like different things, and don’t be an asshole. NOTHING is awkward, crazy, or strange unless you make it awkward.


First and foremost clean up shop. Is there any bigger turn off than bad hygiene in general? Bad breath is enough to stop you in your tracks mid conversation, and give you that “what the actual fuck did you eat?”  moment in your head. That’s the last headspace you want someone to be in when you get naked. But sexual hygiene isn’t just about soaping up boys & girls to keep smells at bay. It encompasses a lot of other general personal hygiene categories (teeth, hair, nails etc.) and adds a special brand of things to consider. Combining all the elements is the key.


Is it for you? I think it should be. In modern dating the preferences vary greatly. I’ve met ladies looking for love in the forest, who want a lush ecosystem full of shrubs and trees. On the contrary, I’ve also met ladies that look at body hair the same way a self proclaimed vegan stares at a bone in tomahawk ribeye next to a photo of Bunchie the cow. While theres no one size fits all for any thing sex related my advice to you is try it. The beauty of hair is it grows back. So hook your gents up with a sick mohawk, keep it high & tight, rock the five o’clock shadow, hit that Mr.clean, or go full blown Tom Hanks in castaway. In my experience while not all women love a lot of hair, or none at all. Almost all are more than down with the right amount as long as its maintenced. Think houses, an overgrown hedge in front of your house is no bueno, and no hedge at all makes your house look (to young lol) bare. However a well maintenanced hedge give the home “je ne sais quoi”.


Learn, no seriously most of sex is personal. That means you need to know the person you’re having sex with. What makes them tick? Knowing someone’s sexual psychology will benefit you more than anything. “Daddy TK what if its a stranger?”. Have no fear my noble youth I have your back. Get good at reading, no literally read their body language. First off identify this person actually gives a fuck about you. I repeat DO NOT walk up to a girl and touch her without any prior interaction. Try eye contact, a surefire way to tell a girl is interested is continued eye contact, or glances at you. If you catch her staring, sit in the pocket stare back, after just long enough for her to realize you noticed her stare, crack a smile and look away. Now you can approach her lol. Once interacting gage their reactions to subtle things, a hand on the shoulder or leg etc, & talk. Have a real conversation it’s the easiest way to get a feel for someone. If it’s not a stranger, it’s a long term partner that leads me to my next tip.


Communication is the foundation for any type of interaction or relationship. Sex is no different. Talking about sex openly with your partner is probably the best advice I can give you. You don’t know what you don’t ask, and your partner doesn’t know what you don’t tell them. If you sit back and don’t voice what you’re into or want or want to try you’re fucking your self. The more openly you and your partner talk about the stuff you’re into, enjoy, or want to give a shot, the better you both will be able to deliver great sex.


Explore, never stop exploring. Doing new things is important. Constant growth is a motto I live by, and sex is no accpetion. People change, I encourage you to try new things, keep what you like, toss the stuff you don’t in the life experience library. Be adventurous.


Not the band they’re cool. Fuck your expectations, your game plan, and your stupid scenario you’ve built. Sex should always be an improv performance peice between the two, three, four, or twenty of you (you savage 😜). Being in the moment is so fucking important if you take one thing from this take that. BE PRESENT pay attention to those breaths, that twist of her back, the grip on the sheets and your back. They will tell you all you need to know.


So I know a lot of you wanted to really just hear me talk about what I like, so here’s a little something.

  • Fave position – I don’t discriminate but reverse cow girl, standing doggy style preferably next to a mirror (insert american psycho here) if the flexibility is there face down middle split on the side of the bed and a hand full of hair.
  • Fave place – I fuck with any and all locations but I really enjoy living rooms and kitchens, theres alot of space to work with, and tools too (My self included)
  • Fave part of a woman – there’s easy answers here (eyes, butt) but I’ll tell you the real mvp for me is very bottom of her back, the subtle arch, dimples, and lower back muscles + top butt just does something for me.
  • Fave thing she does – I really fuck with girls with confidence, make a move, lets have a power struggle thats my vibe. Bring the fight to me and I’ll finish it. 
  • Morning or Night? – for me it’s morning, I wake up with a fire under my ass for life. (it’s why I work out in the AM). Let’s call it “brunch sex” not to early not to late but its what youre craving.

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Until next time, stay sexy, eat well, dress well, and don’t forget to smile.


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