Shows I am Obsessed With!

Shows I am Obsessed With!

Let’s just start with HBO RIGHT MEOW!!!!!

Only 3 episodes in to season 2 of Big Little Lies and I am already on the edge of my seat!

Up next Euphoria also on Sunday Nights! Its super refreshing to see Zen on a show that is edgy, raw, and real! If you’re looking for something progressive and sexy this is it honey!

True Detective…need I say more? Season 3 although started out slow it quickly became one of the best seasons yet!

Not a new show but I feel like not many have seen Sharp Objects! This show was so beautifully shot and also had such an unpredictable story line!

Now for the shows no one is talking about that are stupid good!

Animal Kingdom on TNT is your next binge (you’re welcome in advance) I’m not gonna say anything else! Just go watch it now!

Good Trouble the spin off from a rather cheesy family drama. This new show is very hip and not only woman driven but also always has a bigger meaning!

On the “Good” theme another great show about house wives gone gangster is Good Girls! These moms are savage and this high stakes show always has my palms sweating!


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