Summer Style Guide

Summer Style Guide

Whats up Fam?!  

Welcome back to TK’s corner it’s been a min. I’ve been focusing on building our youtube the last few months (speaking of which are you subscribed?). But I’m back, and I’m bringing the style. Last week we hit Palm Springs during our trip to California. Summer fashion during the peak of summer; especially in the desert, is vastly different (about 30 degrees to be exact). Normally an outfit may aim to set you apart, and layering up isn’t an issue. In the desert, layers are not an option due to the heat (well for those of us humans without botoxed armpits, backs and foreheads lol). So how do you stand out in the crowd, and stay comfortable? When I pick summer styles whether for a tropical destination, or desert trip, I focus on pieces that are lightweight, looser fitting, with solid ventilation that can be opened or removed easily. \

Starting from the top down, this cheetah print button up from Pacsun is a perfect summer style for any destination. These Diesel briefs are timeless, comfy, and this cut (for me at least) keeps your boys cool no matter how you’re hanging (long and to the left, or in the sun grabbing brunch with some friends. See what I did there?!🙈)

With retro styling notes and details like the lapel spread collar, and oversized but flattering fit it flawlessly rides the “formally casual” line. Dress it up or down with jeans, and boots, or Shorts and slip ons.

Perfect for day parties, lounging around the cabanas, or catching some sun pool side. 

These VGB denim shorts are the king of cool. Rocking a slim but not “too” tight fit in the legs, and a stretch material they are supremely comfortable for all situations (like getting into and out of cars #skinnyshortsproblems). 

This particular wash is perfect to wear with literally any color palette you choose to pair it with. Black, white, pasteles, neutrals, and earth tones all coordinate very well with this colorway.

These Kinsrow frames from Shwood in “Matte Havana” add effortlessly cool vibes. I’ve talked about them before but the style is perfect. You will get multiple seasons out of them, and the build quality is sublime.  

I opted for platinum white slip on vans (to match my hair duh!). Jokes aside it’s a classic shoe. I chose a color that balances out the light tones found in this outfit, and leaves the overall aesthetic feeling “light”. Which for me in summer is key.

This style Is part thrift store find, and all ballin’ on a budget. This floral print shirt was fifteen dollars at Crossroads trading in studio city. It’s a “Calibrate” button up which at Nordstroms typically retails for around sixty bucks.

Made from an admittedly heavier material, breathability while buttoned is not so great. However its ability to transform into part of a formal ensemble is slightly better. The shades are standard issue yellow tint aviators, Logan actually found for me at Urban Outfitters. For toss around shades they are perfect. The type of sunnies you don’t ever have to worry about losing while jumping off that cliff because you’re trying to impress that cute blonde Australian chick from instagram.

These black denim shorts from Forever21 come complete with paint splatters, and frayed/distressed leg openings (though I chose to cuff them I prefer a shorter leg length).

I believe they were 30% off During a huge sale just before we left on our trip. Comprised of RAW denim the “fashion” level is high, while not bringing the “mobility” level down to much lol. 

Overall a fantastic buy, and with this entire outfit (shades included) coming it under sixty dollars. It’s incredibly hard to argue with the sheer dollar per stitch value of these items.

This Zara Man “denim collection” button up shirt we found at Crossroads trading (also fifteen dollars!) turned out to be the bargain of the century. 

Lightweight material, and a great fit give this button up just the right amount of casual dad vibes. Perfect for some “MAN-mosas” at brunch, and lends itself well to walking around and browsing stores during your daily ventures.

While this look wasn’t photographed with enough differentiating components to be considered a separate “style” or “outfit”. I had to include it in the blog because I found myself reaching for it time and time again throughout our trip. Demonstrated by all the candid Iphone selfies, shots, and bts below.

From a charity golf tournament, to enjoying brunch, being on duty as a photog, and chillin around the hotel I relentlessly wore this button up.

So there you have it, my brief little guide to summer styling. Key notes, keep it light, and not so tight. Reach for retro miami vice button ups to land some cool dad vibes this summer. And never venture too far from the pool (Girls wear bikinis there😜) 

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Until next time, stay sexy, eat well, dress well, and don’t forget to smile.

Light Wash Denim Shorts
Diesel Mens Briefs
White Slip On Vans
Bleach Dyed Denim Shorts
Ikat Print Shorts
Cheetah Short Sleeve Button Up

Check out Crossroads Trading post if you’re in the Los Angeles Area for the best thrifted finds!


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  1. Dee
    July 31, 2019 / 6:13 pm

    TK did it again! Helping people all over be a Boss when it comes to styling. Style and value= home run! Way to hit it outta the park !

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